SyncTERM is a BBS terminal program which supports: For detailed specs on SyncTERMs handling of ANSI, as well as it's many extensions, refer to this document

To install SyncTERM as your default telnet:// and rlogin:// handler follow the instructions for *nix Mozilla/Firefox or Win32.

Contact me on Synchronix if you have an questions, or requests.

Stable releases are available from the Logo project page.

You can get the latest CVS code with the following command cvs -d co syncterm

Download binary for:
OSLast recompiledFile Size
Win32 (Installer provided by The Roughnecks BBS)Mon Mar 30 2015 10:00:392206.744K
OS X (x86_64)Thu Mar 26 2015 09:21:5110912.000K

The rest of these should be built from source whenever possible

Linux (Current)Thu Jan 23 2014 00:24:331381.126K
Linux (Old versions)Sat Feb 24 2007 11:20:34165.311K
FreeBSDFri Oct 19 2012 04:33:211266.170K
NetBSDTue Jan 22 2008 03:04:19173.223K
OpenBSDMon Jan 28 2008 05:17:26169.545K
Solaris/SPARCTue Jun 05 2007 11:00:48194.820K
Nokia N8x0 Tablet Version (thanks to qwerty!)Mon Jan 05 2009 07:45:18219.699K
Linux/SPARC (Provided by OSSHome)Fri Dec 16 2005 06:09:28208.710K
Haiku package available from artNot localNot local

Or download the Complete Source as of Mon Mar 30 2015 10:00:36 (8113.569K)